Come and See

Finding silence and solitude in today’s hectic world is often difficult. If you are looking for a Christ-filled place to escape the business and distractions, our seminary offers opportunities to Come and See! Based on you or your group’s needs, come discover the peace you seek.

Our College of Humanities is a 170,000 sq. ft. building on 104 acres in Cheshire, Connecticut. In addition to the dormitories and offices for the College, the facility provides bright and pleasant study areas, ample classrooms and conference rooms, libraries, rooms for music appreciation, a 330-seat auditorium, two cafeterias, receiving rooms and two chapels.

Open fields and thickly wooded sections contribute to the beauty of the campus. Gardens, spacious lawns, and a landscaped courtyard invite to reflection and relaxation. Tennis and basketball courts and outdoor fields, as well as a gymnasium, serve for recreation and sports. All areas inside and outside the building are kept clean and orderly as part of the formative environment to instill a sense for harmony.

The proximity to New Haven, Hartford, and Boston allows easy access to some of New England’s best universities, libraries, museums, and other cultural institutions.

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