Discernment Steps

Suggested steps to discern a possible calling to the priesthood:

  1. Intensify Your Prayer Life

  2. Fast from Dating

  3. Engage in Apostolic Outreach/ Service

  4. Participate in a Discernment Retreat

  5. Receive Regular Spiritual Direction

  6. Read Spiritual Books (see below for suggestions)

  7. Visit Vocation.com for Personal Q & A 

Books for Discernment

  1. God’s Voice Within by Fr Mark Thibodeaux

  2. Peter on the Shore by Fr Anthony Bannon

  3. To Save a Thousand Souls by Fr Brett Brannen

  4. A Priest in the Family by Fr Brett Brannen

  5. The Quest for the Core: of the Regnum Christi Charism by Fr Owen Kearns & Fr Patrick Langan

  6. How to Discern God’s Will for your Life by Bishop Robert Barron

Other Resources

Legionaries of Christ Vocations Facebook Page