Question & Answer with Fr. Anthony

Torn: Diocesan or Religious Priesthood?

Jerry asks:


I want to consecrate my life to God and this awakens always when I spend a weekend in an monastery or convent, it is more difficult in the middle of the city. I want to become a priest but feel unsure about if I should become a diocesan priest or religious priest. I wonder if it is a good idea to enter seminary with this question? I am welcome to do this but I feel unsure if it would be better to discern outside. At the same time I feel bad about not taking any steps and I’m not sure it would be good for me to spend more time just staying in my hometown trying to find an answer.

If I’m honest about my talents and weakness It is easy to see that I’m probably more suited for a life in an religious order but It is hard for me to find the right one in my country.

Maybe you could say something about with this, Father?

In Christ, Jerry

Dear Jerry,

I think it will help greatly if you find a spiritual director who will help you see more clearly God’s workings and what he might be asking of you.

If you perceive that your call may be to religious life it would make sense at this time to actively inquire into religious congregations and to take time to visit those that interest you-the reason being that this will surely require traveling and visiting different orders and even doing retreats with them and if you are enrolled in a seminary in all probability you will not have the time or flexibility to do this.

Combine this active research with time for prayer; put yourself in Mary’s hands, and cultivate the virtue of hope and trust. You are seeking God’s will, God wants you to find it, so any ups and downs on the way should only be a motive to trust him more and seek his will more sincerely. Be patient, be active, but especially find a spiritual director so as not to get confused.

I’ll be praying for you.

God Bless,

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